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Sleepy Shipyard Town in Denmark to be the next European Capital of Culture.

Elsinore is now aiming to win the title when the European Capital of Culture returns to Denmark in 2032. A strong movement in the city wants to use culture to create stronger ties to the surrounding areas and to build bridges between the wealthy and the less fortunate in the local community.

The charming city of Elsinore from the 1500th century is located right on the coastline 40 kilometers North of Copenhagen, with a clear view across the sea to its Swedish sister city of Helsingborg. 

With stunning architecture and its modern infrastructure, the city is perfect for being a cultural capital. The area offers almost too many of the required qualifications even before officially having been nominated for the title, yet there is plenty of room for development and expansion in the region.

Historically Elsinore has an almost cosmopolitan diverse cultural life. The city is executing a plethora of world renowned names in concert, performances and art exhibits at the local Culture Yard and at many other places. By being the host city of such large events, the infrastructure has already been tested and the city can receive thousands of visitors.

The surrounding areas are also providing a lot of exciting attractions for both residents and tourists. From the highly acclaimed museum of art, Louisiana to the Rudolph Tegner statue park, and then to the famous sommer residence of the royal family, Fredensborg Castle – Just to mention a few of the high profile entertainment possibilities that the area has to offer. It’s imperative to work together as a whole region.

Years ago Elsinore was mainly known for Kronborg Castle and Hamlet, and for being a ship-yard town since its origin. The city might have been a bit of a sleepy town since the shipyard closed in 1983 after years of financial hardship, but that is far from the truth today. The area has developed tremendously in the last decade as far as cultural events are concerned, and more and more families are leaving Copenhagen’s hectic lifestyle to move out to the suburbs, where nature meets culture.

The Non-Profit Organization has created the Advisory Board and Steering Committee, and will hold its first founding board meeting on the 27th. of September 2021. Both the organization and its membership list is growing on a weekly basis right now.